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Fire Protection System

Data centre or computer room is under enormous pressure to maintain operations without interruption. In the event of a catastrophic data centre fire, a company may lose equipment and valuable information. 

Fire Protection System is very important in data centre design process. It is mainly to get the fire under control without disruption the flow of business and lose IT equipment. We can provide the best solution to ensure effective data centre or computer room fire protection.

FM200 is the most widely used Halon replacement and it is an alternative fire extinguisher system, which was developed to meet today's need for a reliable, effective, clean agent that won't harm the environment. 

FM200 Gas is a colorless gas which is liquefied under pressure in a cylinder. It is low toxicity and super-pressurized with Nitrogen in 24.8 bar (360psi). It rapidly extinguishes most common fire through a combination of chemical and physically method.


NOVEC 1230 is the latest state of art total flooding sytem which is adavnced halon replacement, designed to balance industry concerns for human safety, performance and environment.  NOVEC 1230 has very low Global Warming Potential and Zero Ozon Depleting Potential as well.

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